iPhone Localization Problems

This is what i just discussed with the Apple iPhone support, and sent Apple as feedback: Hi, this bug report concerns iPhone ( all models), iPod Touch ( all models), and I assume iPad as well. I am currently running a iPhone4, from Deutsche Telekom with all settings set to german/germany.

Weather Problem:

Since a few days, the name of the cities stored on the device have changed:
Neubeckum -> Ennigerloh Hasenbergl, München -> Moosach München -> Unterfohring Münster -> Munster Hamburg -> ...
This data is provided by Yahoo, and it seems that they have updated their weather index on most of their servers. Sometime it still displays the correct names. German special characters (Umlaute) are gone. When you now enter München again, it displays Munich.

Stock application:

Stock news are only in english , even on a german or french iPhone, and only provided for stocks with the home market USA. There are no news for one of the biggest german companies Siemens ( ticker SIE.DE, nor is the market cap shown). Yahoo has this data and the news, as you can see on de.finance.yahoo.com

Solution to the problem:

- fix the problem - change the data provider - make it possible to delete not working application Yours sincerely, Klaus Redegeld ( iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 user ) 1 Stern2 Sterne3 Sterne4 Sterne5 Sterne (ohne Bewertung)

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